Introducting Snomee, a better way to give...

Giftcards are great in so many ways, they’re a compact and convenient way of giving a valued gift with that added element of choice.

There have been numerous ways in which people have tried to spice-up the gift card moment: colourful boxes, giftcard bags, giftcard inserts, but for us they all feel the same – temporary and disposable.

Snomee is all about creating an unforgettable giftcard moment because it’s part of the gift itself.

We aim to make giftcards even better by enhancing the experience, making it more exciting and joyful.

Snomee makes that possible – in three great ways.

Shaking up the classic snow dome

Snomee is all about making your giftcard moment special. At first glance it's simply an original take on the classic 'snow dome'. Open it up though, and there's a hidden surprise...

A gift thats full of surprises

Inside SNomee there's space for you to conceal a giftcard of your choice. We've created a collection that will suit all-sorts of personalities, so that you can find the perfect match.

Creating a lasting memory

Beneath your giftcard we've made a space for you to leave your own personal message, one that will never be forgotten. A Snomee is for life, not just for Christmas!

">See it in action

The Collection

Introducing the first ever range of Snomees, these will be available for delivery from August 2016!. Stay tuned to find out about availability, for follow up on Facebook or Twitter.