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What is a Snomee?

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If you have ever given a gift card or thought about giving one as a present, you may have thought this was impersonal and quite possibly boring. Unfortunately, while they are very handy to buy, gift cards are not the most exciting gift available. The Snomee has been designed to “shake up” the gift card moment. Not only that, it can act as a standalone gift for those who are interested in snow globes.
The Snomee is a ‘normal sized’ snow globe with a collection of fun characters involved in various activities. For example, the coffee Snomee, which has been designed to give with a coffee shop gift card showcases the polar bear and Santa Claus making a cup of coffee.
With a Snomee, the idea is that you present the gift card in this fun snow globe rather than the typical envelope or gift tin. You simply unclip the base underneath the globe to find a hidden compartment for the gift card of your choice. What initially looks like an adorable keepsake, actually can hold a special surprise for your loved one.
This product is a series of entertaining snow globes for the gift market. Each one of them has a distinct scene, and you choose the Snomee depending on the gift card you’d like to give. For instance, if you want to give somebody an iTunes gift card, you would buy the Mac gift dome.
While simple in their design, a Snomee adds something different to the alternatives that are currently available on the market. At the moment, there are few choices when you decide to give a gift card. You can either give it alone, buy an envelope or small holder to present the gift card. This leads to an impersonal touch to the gift. The holder will be thrown away and the gift will not be memorable. The Snomee is simple but it can take the art of gift giving to a whole new level.
The snow globe market is one that has a lot of dedicated followers. That is why the Snomee can also be purchased as a standalone product which would be a fabulous addition to any snow globe collection or the beginning for a new collector.
This product is easily one of the most unique gifts on the market. This gift is something that people of all ages will appreciate regardless if you give it to them for their birthday or “just because”. The Snomee is a gift card holder that makes this impersonal market much more personal.
Snomee – shaking up your gift card moment