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When you are struggling to choose a gift for a special someone, what do you usually resort to? A gift card of course! This is the reason why $65,000,000,000 is spent annually on gift cards in the U.S. alone. Nearly every store worth visiting offers a gift card which is why it makes a great gift. However, there IS a problem. Many people choose not to buy gift cards because it seems so impersonal even if it was the best option available. The potential solution? Snomee, the latest gift on the market that will make the art of gift giving so much easier.

What is Snomee?

A Snomee is a fun snow globe, containing characters in specific scenes. While Snomee’s can be offered as a standalone gift, their main purpose is to “shake up” your gift card moment. Inside the base of the product, there is space for a single gift card. The idea? Hide the gift card in the base for your loved one to discover. Not only are they receiving a gift card to their favorite store but they are also receiving a keepsake item to cherish. If you do choose to give this product with a gift card, it makes it all that more special. The initial excitement of what you have given paired with the discovery of a gift card makes the experience more exciting and unforgettable. The Snomee is a unique yet fun reminder of the gift you gave.

Snomee as a standalone product

Snomee’s have been designed to be given with gift cards, but this fun item is for the collectors as well. Snow globes are one of the most collected series of items around the world. These globes would be a welcome addition to any collection.

Snomee is a series of products

There are currently six designs available with several more in development. This will make the Snomee series something that is collectable, which adds to their value as a standalone item. Across the series, you will see several characters make recurring appearances; Santa Claus, a penguin, a polar bear and a reindeer. Each design has a variety of characters in amusing situations which have been designed to be linked to a specific gift card. As the latest unique gift on the market, it will not be long until the craze starts to spread. Snomee’s are clearly one of the most unusual gifts on the market. In order to be successful, a gift needs to be unique and this is something that Snomee does, all for a great price.

Snomee – shaking up your gift card moment.