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Fathers Day Snomee

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So it is dad’s turn to be showered with gifts from his loving children, but there is an issue, and a big one at that, your brain has gone into standby and the only gifts you can think about happened to be the same ones you thought about last year, and the year before. Let’s face it, your dad deserves better, something that will bring a smile to his face. As a caring sibling you really want to get your dad something practical, but as we all know, in the gift market, practical usually means boring. Therefore, you need to make sure your sensible idea has a special twist, and then it hits you, what about the Snomee. Combining the trusty and practical gift card with an unusual gift makes perfect sense for Fathers Day.

The gift card market is the biggest gift market in the world for a reason. A lot of people get stuck when it comes to buying a present for their dad for a number of reasons. However, you know that when you give a gift card in an envelope or a tin it will come across as impersonal. In fact, some would say it borders a bit on distant and that is not how you want things to come across to your dad. Well, with the Snomee, the whole dynamic of gift giving has changed.

The Snomee is a fantastic product, and with 11 different options for your dad, you will find a snow globe that means something to him and makes him smile when he opens it. Really, creating an unexpected smile is a big part of the gift giving tradition, so the Snomee ticks this box. Let’s face it, even if snow globes are not at the top of your dads list, how many people do you know that would not crack a smile when shaking a snow globe?

The secret of the Snomee lies in the base. As you will be able to see, the base clips to the dome, and when opened there is a space that can fit a single gift card. Now, you can either tell your dad that the product opens, or just let him think that he has another gift and tell him to work it out for himself! Alternatively, as you can write a personal message on the base of the Snomee, you can give him a clue and watch him as he tries to work it out!

This gift dome is unlike any other gift idea on the market. One of the best things about it is that after your dad has spent all the money on the gift card, the snow globe acts as a reminder of your gift and that very special moment. More often than not, when somebody buys an item with a gift card, they lose association with where it came from. Hopefully, if your gift moment was unique, it is something you both can cherish and reminisce about together for years.

Snomee – shaking up your gift card moment.