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Brand New Final Snomee Designs have landed

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It’s been a long time in the making but the first Snomee designs have had the finishing touches applied and are now ready to hit the shelves! What do we at Snomee have to offer? Here’s a further peak
into the designs of the latest gift giving craze………

The Designs in Detail

Bookstore Giftcard Holder – this design showcases Santa Claus propping up three books on the shoulders of a polar bear. Designed to be offered with bookstore gift cards like Barnes and Noble, this scene is perfect for the book lover in your life.

Electronics Giftcard Holder – this snow globe features three of the main Snomee characters: a reindeer, polar bear and Santa Claus. Each character is gazing into a large computer screen surrounded by two big speakers. I-Tunes gift card anyone?

DIY Giftcard Holder – this globe features both Santa Claus and the reindeer assembling a wooden structure. This holder is ideal for the Lowe’s and Home Depot fans in your life.

Coffee Shop Giftcard Holder – it’s no secret that coffee has become an essential start to most of America’s day. Ideal for a Starbucks gift card, this gift dome features a polar bear and Santa Claus making a rather large cup of coffee.

Cosmetics Giftcard Holder – with a collection of some of the most common cosmetics, this holder can be used with one of many cosmetic gift cards.

Meal Giftcard Holder –This globe features Santa Claus and his reindeer ordering from a penguin waiter and its oversized menu. This design is perfect when treating someone to a meal at their favorite restaurant.

Initial Designs

These are the six initial designs offered by Snomee. Each globe comes with a different base color which allows them to stand out from other snow globes.

All of these products have been designed with compact storage spaces between the globe and the base of the product. In order to access this compartment, all you need to do is unclip it. This design is simple yet fantastic because it does not take anything away from the globe. This means the globe can be bought as a unique way to give a gift card or just given as a standalone gift.

The Snomee’s have clearly been designed to be fun and enjoyable, but, at the same time, they are not a novelty item by any means. This is clearly reflected in the quality of the product, which could easily hold its own against any other collectable snow globe.

The meticulous attention to detail shown in each design is proof of the time spent making sure that each product is both different and correctly designed including the lovable characters.

So long are the days of giving gift cards in envelopes and gift tins. Buying a Snomee adds a ‘personal touch’ to any gift card.

Snomee – shaking up your gift card moment.