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Picture this scenario, you have decided to buy a friend a gift card, because, let’s face it, it is the most practical gift on the market, and you have brought a card for it to go in, just like every other gift card you have ever purchased. The packaging is getting really tedious and mundane, but buying the gift card makes so much sense that not buying it would be a shame. What can you do? I mean, you looked around and there was no other choice. The best alternative was an overpriced, cheap looking gift tin and that is only just a tad more exciting than an envelope, well this is no longer the case with the Snomee!

There are a bunch of dates in the year when you have to buy a birthday present for a friend or family member. The problem with birthday gift ideas is they are too general, so unless you have a specific idea you usually opt for some meaningless gift that gets used about two times before it finds its way to the back of a cupboard, which means that it essentially just ends up being a big waste of money. You can ask anybody, and they will tell you that the perfect gift idea is both unusual yet practical, and this is a gap that Snomee has filled.

The eleven brand-new Snomee designs, which will be released in time for Christmas 2012, are cute, fun and most importantly special because they make the gift giving moment something out of the ordinary, and that is what makes these moments stick out in the minds of people years down the line.

Snomee’s are unique because they have been designed to be a collectable item that also acts as a gift card holder, which happens to be designed in the shape of a snow globe. The idea of pairing the biggest gift market throughout the world (the gift card market) with something completely different (the snow globe) is so bonkers that it actually makes sense. Put a snow globe in front of somebody and see how long it takes for them to shake it, and when they do, because they will, they will crack a smile.

Snomee’s are suitable for those of just about any age. From children to adults, nobody can deny that the snow globe is fun. The tin holder and envelopes are a real snooze fest, and they both aren’t really in the spirit of any gift giving occasion, let alone the birthday, which is arguably the most fun of them all.

On, we have eleven distinct, entertaining designs to match the different categories of gift cards we offer. Our cute and quirky designs are amusing and loveable but most importantly different from anything else. Due to their fantastic design from our great team, there is no reason why these cannot be given as a standalone gift for those who love snow globes.

Snomee – shaking up your gift card moment.